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General Motors Is Boosting: Is It Worth Buying?


General Motors Company is in a BUY position due to some value investor analysts. The company is on top of the Zacks Rank. GM is holding a PGE ratio of 0.87 compared to the industry's PEG of 1.78. Considering the company's earnings show that the stock is undervalued.

General Motors Company (GM) shares are up 1.25% as of Jul 21, 2021, 10:46 AM ET, as S&P is up 0.55%. GM shares have raised in 2021 by nearly 38.61% as S&P 500 has raised by nearly 16.82%. GM revealed a yearly performance of 115.88% and moved -4.44%, and -4.39% since last month and last week, respectively.

The stock is -3.01% below its 52 days Simple Moving Average (SMA52). The shorter-term 26 days SMA (SMA26) is -0.04% below the 52 days SMA, signaling a downward trend in the stock price. The current Relative Strength Index (RSI) of the stock, is 43.0, indicating a normal condition on the momentum of the stock price. RSI is a common technical metric to measure the momentum of the stock price and ranges between 0 and 100. Typically, an RSI of 70 or above indicates an overbought condition whereas an RSI of 30 or below signals an oversold condition.

General Motors Company (GM), which was being traded at $26.33 per share a year ago, now is trading at $56.84, implying a rise of 115.88% since a year ago. This year, the stock's record high in the daily timeframe is $64.3. Also the stock's record low during this period in the daily timeframe is $24.44.

The total revenue of the company in the last quarter, FY2021Q1, was $32.50 B, which experienced -13.37% of quarterly growth. It also experienced -50.32% growth compared with the same period last year. The total revenue of the company was $FY2020Q4 and $65.42 B in 37.52 B and FY2020Q1 respectively. General Motors Company's TTM total revenue was $122.28 B in FY2021Q1.

About General Motors Company

General Motors Co. engages in the designing, manufacturing, and selling of cars, trucks, and automobile parts. It also provides automotive financing services through General Motors Financial Company, Inc. It operates through the following segments: GM North America, GM Europe, GM International Operations, GM South America, and Corporate. The company was founded by William C. Durant on September 16, 1908, and is headquartered in Detroit, MI.